Customer Insights And Customer Directory
New: Customer Insights and revamped Customer Directory on the Paystack Dashboard
Understand your customers’ purchase patterns with the brand new Paystack Customer Insights page and the revamped Customer Directory
Introducing New Featuresx 4
New: Improved User Roles and permissions management on the Paystack Dashboard
Invite more members of your team to your Paystack Dashboard, and choose exactly what they can see and do
Introducing New Featuresx 3
New: Accept payments on Wix, Squarespace and Weebly with Paystack
You can now use Paystack to accept online payments on Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly online stores!
Introducing New Featuresx 2
Product Updates to Paystack Payment Pages
We've introduced new improvements to Paystack Payment Pages!
Introducing New Featuresx 1
Introducing Split Payments on Paystack Payment Pages
When a payment is made via a Payment Page, merchants can now automatically split the money with another bank account
Introducing New Featuresx
Introducing Bulk Transfers on the Paystack Dashboard
Paystack merchants could previously only make bulk transfers via the Paystack API. Now, you can send bulk transfers via the Paystack Dashboard.
Introducing Starter Businesses
Introducing Paystack Starter Businesses
Unregistered businesses can now accept online payments with Paystack, without needing a Corporate Bank Account or company registration document