Introducing Direct Paystack integration with Craft Commerce for Craft CMS

Create custom ecommerce experiences with Craft Commerce and Paystack

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Craft Commerce is a powerful ecommerce platform built for Craft CMS, the flexible, user-friendly CMS for creating custom digital experiences on the web and beyond.

Business owners love Craft Commerce's simplicity and intuitive interface, and designers and developers love how easy it is to hand-craft unique and scalable online stores.

Using Paystack, businesses in Ghana and Nigeria can now build their online presence on Craft Commerce's formidable platform and also collect payments online.

We're big fans of Craft CMS ourselves — fun fact: the entire Paystack website runs on Craft CMS!

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Paystack has announced the first direct integration in Africa with Craft Commerce, a powerful and flexible ecommerce platform built for Craft CMS.

Why designers and developers love Craft CMS

Craft CMS and Craft Commerce provide you with all the tools you need to create and manage an ecommerce experience that's unique to your business' needs.

Some of the reasons designers and developers love Craft include:

  • Craft Commerce is infinitely flexible and customizable so you can build any commerce experience you dream up. Every single part of the store experience is customizable, so you can shape exactly to your needs.
  • The Craft Commerce Dashboard is extremely user-intuitive, even for non-technical store managers. This makes it easy to hand-off to clients.
  • Craft Commerce comes full-featured out of the box with the powerful toolkit you need to run a robust online storefront, including Order Management, Subscriptions, Dynamic Pricing and Discounts, and lots more.
  • The Craft Plugin Store gives you access to loads of useful additional functionality and extensions, from SEO to email marketing and much more.
  • Craft CMS is a robust platform trusted by companies like Netflix and IKEA. So if you run a fast-growing business, you can be sure that your online store won't break as you scale.

Setting up Paystack on Craft Commerce

It's easy to integrate Paystack to your Craft Commerce store. Here’s a detailed video tutorial that shows you how.

[WEBINAR] How to build awesome commerce experiences with Craft CMS (for Digital Agencies and Developers)

We're co-hosting a webinar with our friends at Craft where we'll walk you through a technical overview of Craft CMS and Craft Commerce, and also show you how to join the Craft Partner Network.

If you're a developer or an agency who build websites for clients, come learn:

  • How to leverage Craft CMS and Craft Commerce to build powerful store experiences that clients will love
  • How to connect with more qualified leads through the Craft Partner Network

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In Summary

Craft Commerce is a powerful and fully customisable ecommerce platform that lots of high growth businesses love. We're excited to add this integration to our suite of commerce platforms, and we look forward to seeing Craft CMS become a standard part of the toolkit of African developers and agencies.

For more information about collecting payments with Craft Commerce, check out this guide on the Help Center, and if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us here. We're happy to help!

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