Improvements to Plans and Subscriptions pages

Paystack merchants can now manage their recurring revenue more easily!

Improvements to Plans & Subscriptions

We’ve made a number of improvements to Plans and Subscriptions that make it easy for you to manage your business’ recurring revenue more easily.

Here’re all the new things you can do:

  • Create plans with biannual (once every 6 months) subscription intervals
  • Search for subscription plans by subscriber email address, plan name, and amount
  • Cancel a customer’s subscription
  • Delete a subscription plan

Creating biannual subscription intervals

Have you ever wanted to charge your customers only twice a year - once every 6 months? The new biannual plan lets you do just that. In addition to the existing plans that let you charge customers hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually, you can now charge your customers biannually too!


Here’s how to set a biannual plan:

  • Log into your Dashboard, and click on “Plans”
  • Next, click on “Create A Plan” [1] to create a new plan
  • Click on the “Interval” drop-down to select a plan interval [2]
  • Click on “Biannually” [3] to set a biannual plan

Search for subscription plans by plan name, subscriber email address, and amount

You can now filter through your existing subscriptions using the subscription plan’s name, a subscriber’s email address, or the amount of the subscription. This feature helps you narrow down your subscriptions faster, especially when you only remember one detail about the subscription.


Here’s how to search for subscription plans by customer email address, plan name, and amount:

  • Log into the Paystack Dashboard, and click on “Subscriptions”
  • To search by customer’s email address, enter the customer’s email in the email address text box [4]
  • To search by plan name and amount, click on “Filters” [5] to reveal a drop-down
  • Click on “Plan” [6] to reveal all the plans you’ve created for your business and select your preferred plan
  • To search by amount, enter the subscription amount into the “Plan amount” text box [7]

Canceling a customer’s subscription

Say you want to cancel a customer’s subscription from your own end and stop charging them recurrently - this feature lets you do that!


Here’s how to cancel a customer’s subscription:

  1. Log into your Dashboard, and click on "Subscriptions"
  2. Select a customer’s subscription you wish to cancel
  3. Click on "Cancel Subscription" [7]

Delete a subscription plan

It’s now possible to delete a subscription plan altogether.


Here’s how to delete a subscription plan:

  1. Log into your Dashboard, and click on "Plans"
  2. Select the plan you wish to delete
  3. Click on “Delete Plan” [8]

Have questions?

If you need any help at all concerning any of these updates, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected]!