Introducing Payouts on Demand

Receive your payouts instantly, at any time, even on weekends and public holidays

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We’re excited to introduce Payouts on Demand, which allows businesses in Nigeria to request instant payouts at any time, even on weekends and public holidays.

The default payout schedule for businesses remains one working day after payment collection (T+1), but for those times when you need the money more quickly, the new Payouts on Demand feature allows you access cash instantly.

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With Payouts on Demand, Paystack merchants can now receive instant payouts, even on weekends and public holidays.

Keep your operations running smoothly

Payouts on Demand helps you maintain steady cash flow to reinvest in your operations.

By default, Paystack merchants in Nigeria receive their payouts automatically within one business day. But some businesses have inventory or operational needs that require them to have access to cash as soon as possible. For example, an electricity vendor might need new electricity inventory, or an airline might need to purchase fuel to keep on schedule.

For such businesses, delayed access to funds might seriously harm their operations.

Payouts on Demand solves this by giving you access to up to 70% of your Paystack payout at any time. While the industry standard is to enable payouts on demand for only specific payment channels (eg. only on POS transactions), Paystack Payouts on Demand is enabled for payments collected across ALL payment channels, including card payments. This flexibility helps you keep operations running seamlessly and customers happy.

Getting started with Payouts on Demand

Payouts on Demand is available to all Paystack merchants in Nigeria who have received at least one payment per week, for four consecutive weeks.

If you’re eligible, you'll find the maximum amount available for you to pay out, and a "Request Payout Now" button, on the homepage of your Paystack Dashboard.


Here are some key details to note about Payouts on Demand:

  • You can access up to 70% of your Payout Balance at the time of the request
  • You can request payouts as many times as you like in a day, with a minimum payout of NGN 1,000
  • We charge a fee of 1% for each requested payout

Learn how to request Payouts on Demand →

Get your Payouts on Demand

When you need cash more quickly than the default 1 day payout schedule, Payouts on Demand allows you get access instantly.

Get your Payouts on Demand →

Common questions

How many times can I make a payout request in a day?
You can request payouts as often as you like, as long as the total requested payout is less than 70% of your Payout Balance at the time of the request. So if you’ve received NGN 1 million as of the time of request, for instance, you’ll be eligible to receive up to NGN 700k (70% of NGN 1 million).

Can I access Payouts on Demand via API?
You can currently only access Payouts on Demand from your Paystack Dashboard.

How long does it take to receive the money after making a payout request?
It's an instant process, and you'll receive the money within minutes of your request.

Can I request more than I have in my Payout Balance?
No, you can currently only request up to 70% of the amount customers have already paid you.

What types of businesses can access Payouts on Demand?
Payouts on Demand is only available to merchants in Nigeria on the Registered Business tier. If you’re on the Starter Business tier, you can learn how to upgrade to become a Registered business here →

Payouts on Demand gives you instant access to payments received, and we’re excited to see the opportunities that it unlocks for your business.

If you have any questions at all kindly send us a message. We're happy to help! 💙

Introducing Payouts on Demand - The Paystack Blog Introducing Payouts on Demand - The Paystack Blog