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Paystack Commerce is a toolkit for African creators to bring ideas to market beautifully.


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A new generation of tools for social commerce

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Manage incoming orders on web and mobile

Push notifications for new orders
Update order fulfillment status
Process refunds to customers
Update shipping information
Search and filter orders


Simple, powerful inventory management

Upload unlimited products
Filter by price and units sold
Archive old products
View sales summary

Payment Pages

Collect payments without creating a product

Collect one-time payments
Subscribe customers to a plan
Send a payment request
Send an invoice to a customer

And even more

Here's some of what we're working on. Check out the full roadmap and share what you'd like to see us take on next.

Native support for digital products
Integration with delivery companies
Loyalty and discount mechanics
Order bumps and 1-click upsells
Customer purchase insights


And even more

Our Zapier integration allows creators with more complex needs easily connect multiple tools together with no code.
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Triangle Triangle Triangle

We’re creating guides and playbooks for learning the ropes about online sales in Nigeria and Ghana.

State of Ecommerce in Africa Report

We're putting together a comprehensive review of the ground-truth of ecommerce in Africa.

  • Macro trends

    A look at some of the biggest ecommerce-related trends we've observed from our vantage point as one of the largest online payment gateways in Africa's largest market.

  • Dive into the details

    With country snapshots, infographics, case studies and more, we help you get up close and personal with the payments and ecommerce fundamentals of 54 African countries.

  • From the field

    We interview over 30 merchants, developers and agencies in South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire, Kenya and Morocco and distill their knowledge of their locales into actionable takeaways for the future of ecommerce in Africa.

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As we create a new generation of seller tools for African creators, here are the four important promises we aim to deliver on

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  • 1

    More customers will find you in even more places

    Distribution can make all the difference. We're obsessed with helping creators get in front of more customers in more places.

  • 2

    When they find you, we will convince more of them to buy

    Your selling pages should work as hard as your best employee. We’ve designed them to convert almost every visitor to a customer.

  • 3

    When they buy, they will place larger orders

    We'll give you proven promotional tools and integrations to nudge customers to make bigger orders, every time.

  • 4

    And they will become loyal, repeat customers, for life

    We'll help you build personal, intimate relationships with each customer, and keep them coming back again and again.