Verify BVN Match

Feature Availability
This feature is only available to businesses in Nigeria.

The BVN Match service allows you to verify that an account number, first name, last name and middle name of a user matches their BVN.

The endpoint accepts a POST request, with the account_number, BVN, and bank_code as required parameters, while first_name , last_name and middle_name are optional parameters.

This endpoint returns the following details with boolean values:

  • Is Blacklisted
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Middle name
Show Response
2-H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_SECRET_KEY"
3-H "Content-Type: application/json"
4-d '{ "bvn": "xxxxxxxxxxx",
5 "account_number": "0001234567",
6 "bank_code": "058",
7 "first_name": "Jane",
8 "last_name": "Doe",
9 "middle_name": "Loren"
10 }'
2 "status": true,
3 "message": "BVN lookup successful",
4 "data": {
5 "bvn": "xxxxxxxxxxx",
6 "is_blacklisted": false,
7 "account_number": true,
8 "first_name": true,
9 "middle_name": false,
10 "last_name": true
11 },
12 "meta": {
13 "calls_this_month": 1,
14 "free_calls_left": 9
15 }
This service cost N15 per call, but you get 10 free calls per month. After exhausting the 10 free calls, registered businesses would have to top up your Paystack balance to continue using this service.