Frequently Asked Questions


What are the requirements for using Paystack?

You'll need a Certificate of Incorporation and a Corporate account with matching names. If you have one of the two and would like to go live, kindly contact our support team on +234 908 566 2909.

Is there a cost for integrating Paystack?

No. Integration is absolutely free.

Account Usage

How do I create a Paystack account?

You can create a free account by following this link.

How do I take my Paystack account live?

You need to send a Go-Live request from your dashboard. This link will help you out.

Can I use one Paystack account for multiple websites?

Yes. However, since multiple websites would imply multiple businesses. Our recommendation would be to create multiple accounts. One for each business. This can be done from your dashboard.

Note that for every account, you need to send a fresh Go-Live request.

Can I use the same bank account number and CAC for multiple accounts?

Yes, you can.

Can I register several businesses on my Paystack account?

Yes, you can manage all your businesses on your Paystack dashboard with our ‘Manage accounts’ feature. All you have to do is create an account for each business. Do note that for every account, you need to send a fresh Go-Live request.

I forgot my password, can I do a reset?

Yes, you can by clicking ‘forgot password’ on the login page.

Can I change my account email and password?

Yes, this can be done on your dashboard. Follow this link.

Transaction Charges

How much does Paystack charge per transaction?

For local cards (cards issued by Nigerian banks), the charge per transaction is 1.5% + NGN100 and the NGN 100 is waived for transactions below NGN 2,500. This means that for transactions below NGN 2,500 the charge will be 1.5% only.

How do I pass the transaction charge to my customers?

You can do that by calculating how much needs to be presented to your customer to get the desired amount. E.g: For a transaction of NGN10,000, the transaction charge is NGN250. If you’d like to make the customer pay the transaction charge, simply pass NGN10,250 to Paystack, so that when Paystack calculates 1.5% + NGN100 from that amount, you should get roughly NGN10,000.


When and how do I get my Payout?

Payout is automatic, and you get paid the following day.

How much does Paystack charge for sending Payouts to my bank account?

It’s Free! We don’t charge for Payouts.

How do I keep track of my Payouts?

The Income section of the Paystack dashboard shows a full breakdown of all your payouts including Total payouts and Pending payouts.

I don’t want Next-day Payouts, is there any other option for my business?

Yes, you can request to be paid manually from your dashboard. Simply update your payout schedule to manual here and the funds will be automatically added to your Paystack balance. Whenever you need the funds, you can use our transfers feature to send it to your bank account.

How do I change my settlement account?

Kindly send an email with your new corporate account details to [email protected] and we will make the change.


I would like to integrate Paystack to my website, how do I access the API?

You can access our API documentation by following this link.

I do not know how to go about integration, can I get help?

Yes, you can. We are available to walk you through integration. You can send an email to [email protected] or call +234 908 566 2909 to speak with one of our technical support representatives.

International Transactions

Does Paystack process International transactions?

Yes, we do. We process International transactions in Naira and remit to merchants in Naira as well.

How much does Paystack charge for International transactions?

We charge 3.9%+ NGN100 per transaction.

What will be the exchange rate for International transactions in Naira?

Your customer's bank determines the exchange rate. We can guarantee that the exact amount of your product in Naira will be charged from the foreign cards and remitted to you less our transaction charges.

Does Paystack plan to process International transactions in USD and other currencies?

Yes, we are working towards achieving this. This product is currently in beta.