Paystack Go!


Track your business performance in the palm of your hand with Paystack Go!

Works Offline

No internet? No problem! You can still access your business’ performance metrics while offline.

Track your business

See your daily, weekly revenue, payments, and other performance metrics, all on your mobile device.

Look up transactions

See all the details of every payment, including amount paid, customer details, card info, and much more!

Send invoices

Quickly request payment from customers with a few taps, and see when people settle their debts to you.

Instant Alerts Coming Soon

Get push notifications on your mobile device when customers perform specific actions.

Revenue Targets Coming Soon

Set revenue milestones for your business, and get notifications as you get closer to fulfilling them.

Paystack Go home screen


If your Paystack business has been activated, simply visit on your mobile phone to use Paystack Go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Paystack Go an Android or iOS mobile app?

Nope! Paystack Go is not a mobile app like you download from the Google Play or iOS store. It’s what is known as a Progressive Web App (PWA), which is just a fancy way of saying that it’s a simple website which behaves as if it were a full app. This means that you get all the benefits of an app-like experience (notifications, save to home screen) and none of the annoying stuff, like needing to update the app every other day.

Who can use Paystack Go?

Paystack Go is for merchants who have a live business on Paystack.

Does it cost extra to use Paystack Go?

Nope, Paystack Go is 100% free.