Paystack is a Stripe subsidiary company focused on accelerating online commerce across Africa.

Acquired by Stripe in 2020, Paystack processes payments for ambitious teams operating in South Africa and all over Africa, including Burger King, UPS, Crocs, MTN, and Under Armour.

As a Stripe company, you can expect the same high quality service from Paystack, including:

  • Phenomenal success rates from 10+ payment methods, including Card, Mobile Money, M-Pesa, Bank Transfer, USSD, and more.
  • Strong data protection and fraud prevention processes. Paystack is PCI-DSS Level 1 and ISO 27001 certified, and has the strongest possible regulatory approvals required to operate in each market.
  • Round the clock support from knowledgeable, empathetic Customer Success teams with specialised domain expertise in each market.
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I already have a Stripe account. Do I need to create a separate Paystack account?

Yes, in order to access regional payment methods popular in Africa, such as M-PESA and Mobile Money, you'll need to create a separate Paystack account.

I'm a business owner based in Africa, and I'd like to accept both local as well as international online payments. Can I do this with Paystack?

Yes, Paystack allows businesses based in Africa accept both local and international online payments. You can get paid out in USD, and also accept payments via global payment methods like Apple Pay.
It's also not unusual to see businesses use Paystack for local payments within Africa, and use Stripe for international payments. Doing this requires registering a business in the US, so it's the path taken by businesses who are confident in their ability to stay on top of various tax obligations of being a US-registered company. If you'd like to explore this route, Stripe Atlas is a great way to register your business in the US.

I have a complex project and need to speak with the Paystack Sales team. How can I do this?

Kindly get in touch here to contact the Paystack Sales team.

I have more questions. How do I get in touch?

Kindly get in touch here and a member of our Customer Success team will be in touch ASAP.

I donโ€™t yet have a local entity in Africa - what do l do?

No worries - please share further details about your business and weโ€™d be happy to walk you through your options.