Looking back
at 2023

Paystack gives ambitious teams and businesses in Africa the growth and payments tools they need to scale.

In 2023, we made several improvements to how we serve these makers.

Theme 01/10

In 2023, we

Grew our plugin, platform, and no-code integration ecosystem

We launched the Integrations Directory, a searchable database of plugins and no-code tools that allows both developers, as well as merchants with no coding experience, to quickly integrate with Paystack.

By The Numbers

Largest single transaction on Paystack in 2023

Africa’s digital economy grows larger every year. Here are the single biggest transactions made on Paystack in 2023, in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana.

Feature Spotlight

Direct Debit

Direct Debit


Homecoming Offsite 2023

Scenes from our annual company offsite, where Stacks from all over the world converge in one location.

Stacks (Paystack employees) laughing at the 2023 Homecoming Offsite.Stacks (Paystack employees) in formal dinner attires at the 2023 Homecoming Dinner.Stacks (Paystack employees) in formal dinner attires at the 2023 Homecoming Dinner.Future Stacks (Interns) and the organizers of the internship program—Head of Design, Opemipo Aikomo, and CTO, Ezra Olubi—at the 2023 Homecoming Offsite.Stacks (Paystack employees) laughing uncontrollably at the 2023 Homecoming OffsiteStacks (Paystack employees) at the 2023 Homecoming Offsite.Stacks (Paystack employees) smiling and clapping as a fellow Stack models during the 2023 Homecoming Fashion Show.A panel of the Paystack CEO, Shola Akinlade interviewing the Wakanow CEO, Bayo Adedeji at the 2023 Homecoming Offsite.Stacks (Paystack employees) smiling and holding fan signs with the words “Yes you can” and “Yes!” at the 2023 Homecoming Tournament.

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In 2023, we

Expanded into more countries

Paystack became available to more businesses across Africa. We opened up Paystack to all merchants in Kenya, and announced our private beta in Côte d'Ivoire, Egypt, and Rwanda.

Feature Spotlight

Virtual Terminal

Virtual TerminalPaystack CatalystService Partner Directory

Theme 03/10

In 2023, we

Created Nigeria’s fastest, most delightful bank transfers experience

Merchants can accept reliable, blazing fast bank transfer payments, at scale with the new and improved Virtual Accounts.

By The Numbers

Most popular payment channels on Paystack in 2023

Buyers across Africa can vary widely in their preferred payment method. Paystack allows merchants collect payments easily from across several popular channels.

Here are the most popular payment channels (by transaction count) selected by buyers when presented with the Paystack Checkout.


Bank Transfer58%
Internet Banking4%


Mobile Money98%
Apple Pay0.1%

South Africa



Mobile Money79%
Apple Pay1%

Theme 04/10

In 2023, we

Invested significantly in in-person payments

Paystack has long provided powerful tools for businesses selling online. In 2023, we invested significantly in providing even more tools to businesses selling in-person.

We launched Virtual Terminal, enabling merchants accept fast bank transfers at scale with ZERO hardware costs. We also made several improvements to Physical Terminal.

Service Partner of the Year

Theme 05/10

In 2023, we

Improved the speed and reliability of merchant payouts

Paystack merchants in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa now get their money even more quickly in various currencies.

Nigerian merchants also now have the added convenience of accessing Payouts on Demand from the Dashboard.

Merchant Spotlight

Theme 06/10

In 2023, we

Made collections even more frictionless

We’re always working to make payment collection even more frictionless and delightful.

We collaborated closely with NIBSS to create a fully digital way to process direct debits from customers' bank accounts, and our Saved Cards feature on Checkout makes paying on Paystack even faster.

By The Numbers

From Africa to the world

Online payments allow African merchants find their customers from all over the globe. In 2023, buyers from 136 countries outside Africa paid a Paystack merchant for goods and services.

country stats chart

Theme 07/10

In 2023, we

Built custom technology solutions for enterprise merchants

For enterprise merchants with complex business requirements, Paystack partners closely to build completely custom payment experiences from scratch.

In 2023, we supported a major ride-hailing company with a solution to driver payout issues, helped a global logistics leader reliably match payments to invoices, and helped an airline deliver uniquely delightful branded payment experiences.

Feature Spotlight

Payouts on Demand

Payouts on DemandZoho CommercePrivate beta in CIV, EGY, RWA

Theme 08/10

In 2023, we

Supported tech startups across Africa

Paystack powers growth for thousands of some of the most ambitious tech startups in Africa.

In 2023 we announced Paystack Catalyst — a collection of high-growth tools and resources to help African tech startups scale.


Community Events

We loved meeting hundreds of ambitious makers from all over the continent at self-hosted and sponsored events.

Group picture of attendees at the Ecommerce Bootcamp in South Africa.Paystack’s Media Associate - Toba Adedurin listening to a fellow panelist during a panel conversation about “The Business of Being a Creative” during the 2023 Africa NXT Conference in Lagos, Nigeria.Attendees smiling at the CTO Roundtable in Nigeria.Paystack’s Head of Revenue - Hayley Hopwood shaking hands with an attendee at the Paystack Aviation Luncheon in Lagos, Nigeria.Stacks (Paystack employees) at the Kwahu Summit in Ghana.Stacks speaking to attendees at a Paystack Booth during the African Tech Summit in Kenya.

Theme 09/10

In 2023, we

Partnered closely with business service agencies in Africa

We launched the Service Partner Program to work more closely with digital agencies looking to build elegant, reliable payment experiences for clients.

We also launched the Service Partner Directory - a searchable database for merchants looking for service providers in software development, design, marketing, and more.

Feature Spotlight

Virtual Accounts

Virtual AccountsService Partner ProgramWe’re live in Kenya

Theme 10/10

In 2023, we

Made several improvements to the invisible infrastructure at the core of Paystack

When a customer clicks “pay” online, several partners must come together to ensure that the payment succeeds.

In 2023, Paystack made several investments across our core infrastructure to improve reliability, security, and speed.

Thank you to the many partners and friends whose feedback helped us solve big challenges for merchants and buyers in 2023. Now, on to 2024. Is there something you’d like to see Paystack improve, or a problem you’d like us to solve for your business? Let us know!

What would you like to see from Paystack in 2024?

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Everything good is a team sport. Thank you to all the incredible Stacks who made Paystack possible in 2023 ❤️