At Paystack, when we find music we like, we share to a #fun-music channel on Slack for others to enjoy

At the end of each month, our music bot automatically fetches all the Spotify tracks, creates a mixtape with custom cover art, and publishes it online.

Like the people who co-created them, each playlist is an eclectic mix, so don't be surprised if a grime track is followed by amapiano 😅. Each mixtape captures the shared highs and lows of the ~100 friends who make Paystack. Each is a tapestry of many colours, spun by many hands.

Paystack Music is a gift from our team to yours. We hope you find your next favourite song in these Slack mixtapes, and that these tunes provide good company as you work on the next big thing. Enjoy!

How we built this, from pixel to pull request

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We open-sourced the codebase

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Kaz —

Demilade —

Chinonso —

Tolu —

Michael —

Tomi —

Kolapo —

Ife —

Karo —

Kachi —

Dami —

Tiku —

Moyo —

Tobi —

Opeyemi —

Nicholas —

Bobby —

Seeto —

Picture of Kaz Picture of Demilade Picture of Chinonso Picture of Tolu Picture of Michael Picture of Tomi Picture of Kolapo Picture of Ife Picture of Karo Picture of Kachi Picture of Dami Picture of Tiku Picture of Moyo Picture of Tobi Picture of Opeyemi Picture of Nicholas Picture of Bobby Picture of Seeto