New Zapier Triggers & Actions

20 new Triggers and Actions on the Paystack Zapier integration

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Two years ago, we announced our integration with Zapier, an automation tool that helps you connect Paystack to over 3,000 apps, including Mailchimp, Slack, Xero, GMail, Google Sheets, and more.

Today, we're excited to announce 20 new Triggers and Actions that will help you create smarter workflows between your Paystack account and the business tools you rely on.

What are Triggers and Actions?

Zapier lets you create automated instructions, such as: "when this happens (Trigger), do one or more of these things (Actions)."

Here are a few practical examples:

  • If a new customer pays through Paystack (Trigger), add them to my Mailchimp account (1st Action), and send them an automated Welcome email (2nd Action).
  • If a customer abandons a transaction (Trigger), send an automated message to a dedicated Slack channel (Action), so my Support team can quickly follow up with the customer.

Say hello to the new Triggers

In addition to our two existing triggers — New Transactions and New Customer — we've added 10 more:

  1. Abandoned Transaction: This triggers an action when a customer abandons a transaction.
  2. New Order: This triggers when a customer places an order from a Paystack Storefront or Product Link, our free tools for selling online.
  3. New Refund: This trigger kicks in when a member of your team refunds a customer.
  4. New Chargeback: This triggers an action when customers make a chargeback claim against your business.
  5. New Invoice: This triggers when an invoice is newly created or an existing invoice is paid.
  6. New Payment Page Transaction: This trigger kicks in when a customer pays via a specific Paystack Payment Page.
  7. Subscription Renewal: This triggers an action when a customer's subscription renewal succeeds or fails.
  8. New Subscription: This trigger is for when a subscription is newly created.
  9. Cancelled Subscription: This trigger is for when you or a customer cancels their existing subscription.
  10. New Transfer - This triggers an action when a new transfer is queued, or when an existing transfer succeeds or fails.

We added new Actions too

We added 10 new Actions, including four Create Actions, and six Search Actions that help you create smarter automations.

Here are the new Create Actions, which help you automate actions:

  1. Create Refund: Refund an amount that a customer paid to your business.
  2. Create Subscription: Subscribe a customer to an existing plan.
  3. Send Simple Invoice: Send a Paystack Invoice to an existing customer.
  4. Update Order: Update the status of a customer's order, cancel or mark it as delivered.

Here are the new Search Actions, which find requested information, and make them available to be used in subsequent Actions. Please note that all the customer details returned are the details of your existing customers. All that these Actions do is return information that you already possess as a merchant.

  1. Get Customer Totals: This Action determines the number of times a customer has paid to your business, and what the total amount is, grouped by currency.
  2. Resolve Account Number: This Action finds the full name attached to a Nigerian bank account number.
  3. Find Customer: When you pass the email address of one of your customers, this Action returns details from your customer database such as first name, last name, phone number, and their transaction history with your business.
  4. Find Order: This Action finds all the details associated with an order, such as the names, quantity, and cost of items ordered, the customer's email, shipping information, and more.
  5. Find Transfer: This Action pulls transfer details, such as the status of the transfer, amount, and recipient details.
  6. Find Transaction: This action pulls transaction details, such as customer name, amount, transaction ID, and more from a transaction's reference ID.

[Videos] 3 useful business automation examples

You can create an almost endless number of automations with the Paystack Zapier integration. Here are detailed video tutorials of three examples to show you what's possible.

How to automatically sign customers up for webinars after they pay

Do you host paid webinars? This demo will show you how to automatically give access to only paid customers once they pay for a ticket. We used Livestorm, a popular webinar platform, for this demo, but you can follow these steps for other webinar tools, such as Zoom, as well.

How to automatically send an invoice to customers when their subscription renewal fails

When a customer's subscription renewal fails for any reason, such as insufficient funds on their payment card, this integration helps you send them an automatic invoice, so they can pay using another method.

How to automatically email digital goods to customers after they pay

Say you sell digital goods, such as an ebook, or digital photos. Using this integration, you can set up a workflow that automatically sends the digital goods to customers immediately after they pay.

Get started with these Zapier templates

Are you new to Zapier, but curious to check it out? Here are nine ready-built templates you can immediately use to automate some of your business processes, using sales and customer data from your Paystack transactions.

  1. Add new Paystack customers as subscribers on Mailchimp
  2. Carry out reconciliation by recording new Paystack transactions as sales in Wave
  3. Send an invoice to customers when their subscription renewals fail
  4. Send pending chargebacks to a dedicated Slack channel
  5. Record an invoice as paid on Wave when a customer pays their Paystack invoice
  6. Automatically sign a customer up for a Livestorm webinar after they pay via a Paystack Payment Page
  7. Enrol customers in a Teachable course after successful payments
  8. Send a payable invoice to customers' email addresses when you add their details as a row on a Google Sheets spreadsheet
  9. Create a paid invoice in Xero when a customer completes a Paystack transaction

Have questions?

We're excited to place these new Triggers and Actions in your hands, and we hope you find creative ways to use them to simplify your everyday business processes. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us here. We're happy to help ❤️

New Zapier Triggers & Actions - The Paystack Blog New Zapier Triggers & Actions - The Paystack Blog