Introducing Pay with Transfer

Your Nigeria-based customers can now pay you via bank transfers

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One of the promises we make at Paystack is that we’ll help you accept payment however your customers choose to pay. In Nigeria, payments via transfers are very popular, so we've built a new payment channel — Pay with Transfer — through which your Nigeria-based customers can pay you.

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Paystack has launched Pay with Transfer, a new payment channel which helps you accept payments via bank transfers from your Nigeria-based customers.

How does it work?

Your customers can now pay you via a bank transfer by tapping on the Transfer option on the Paystack Checkout. When they tap on Transfer, we instantly generate a Zenith or Providus bank account number to which they can make a bank transfer payment.

Most customers do bank transfers from their banking mobile app. Once they do, the transaction is automatically approved, and the paid amount immediately reflects on your Dashboard like any other Paystack payment.

We've turned on Pay with Transfer for all merchants except those who manually turned off the Pay with Bank payment option. If you’d like to disable (or enable) the Pay with Transfer option for any reason, simply go to the Preferences page on your Dashboard, and uncheck (or check) the Transfer option as shown in the screenshot below.

pay with transfer

The benefits of accepting payment via Pay with Transfer

Here’re some reasons why you and your customers will love Pay with Transfer:

  • A familiar payment option for customers who're less comfortable with online payment: Many Nigerian customers who aren’t yet comfortable paying online with their debit cards are a lot more comfortable with doing bank transfers from their bank apps. You can expect more business from such customers.
  • Easy reconciliation and analysis: While it's possible to give a bank account number to customers manually, reconciling those payments by hand can be a huge pain. At scale, accepting transfer payments piecemeal like this becomes almost impossible. This is why large companies such as airlines usually don't offer bank transfers as a payment channel, despite how popular this option is - it's simply too difficult to keep track of those payments by hand. With Paystack Pay with Transfer, all transfer payment appear on your Dashboard, and then once on the Dashboard, you can leverage the full power of the Dashboard's business management tools, including financial reporting and refund management.
  • Build detailed customer profiles: Unlike with regular bank transfers, you can build a rich profile of customers who pay you using Pay with Transfer. Every Pay with Transfer payment adds to a valuable customer database of details such as names, email addresses and phone numbers, which you can use to build lasting relationships with them and sell more.


Pay with Transfer has exactly the same pricing as the other payment channels. Kindly see the Pricing page for up-to-date pricing info.

Common Questions

  • Will customers be transferring money directly into my bank account? No. When the customer chooses the Pay with Transfer option, we automatically assign them a bank account number specifically for that particular transaction. Once the payment has been made, the payment instantly reflects on your Paystack Dashboard, and the bank account number disappears.
  • What’s the best way for customers to make a transfer? Most customers prefer to make a transfer using their banking app or USSD.
  • How much does it cost the customer to pay with transfer? The Central Bank of Nigeria has specified that transfers below N10,000 should cost customers a maximum of N10 and transfers above N50,000 should cost a maximum of N50, but some platforms charge much less than this (some even charge no fees at all for transfers). Reminder: this charge is not from Paystack. It's from the platform that the customer uses to make the bank transfer.
  • Can customers do recurring payments with the Pay with Transfer channel? No, recurring payments can't be made with the Pay with Transfer channel.

Need any help?

Do you have any questions about Pay with Transfer or suggestions? Send us an email at [email protected] — we’re happy to hear from you! ♥️✨

Introducing Pay with Transfer - The Paystack Blog Introducing Pay with Transfer - The Paystack Blog