How much does it cost to use Paystack for your business? It's simple.

1.5% + ₦100

For Local Transactions

Micro Transactions

The ₦100 fee is waived for all transactions less than ₦2500

Local transaction fee caps

Fees for local transactions (Card & Pay with Bank) are capped at ₦2000 - which means you won't pay more than that for local transactions.

3.9% + ₦100

For International Cards

Micro Transactions

The ₦100 fee is waived for transactions less than ₦2500


International cards are charged the equivalent and settled directly to you just the same.

What's in the box?

Our simple transaction fees give you access to all Paystack products and features along with responsive, friendly support.

Payments & Subscriptions
The easiest and most reliable way to accept payments across multiple channels. Use payment pages to run online campaigns for your products and services without writing code, with an option to run your subscription business with ease.
Accounting Integration
Paystack is constantly working to integrate with your workflow. We've integrated with popular business services to deliver a more satisfying customer experience. Use your Shopify & Woocommerce store with Paystack out of the box.
Plugins & Libraries
It's important for developers to be able to set up payments easily. Use one of many proprietary or community created libraries and plugins to jumpstart your integration. Our open-source community is also constantly adding more plugins you can use.
Fraud Prevention
For Paystack, stopping fraud is top priority. We've used machine learning to minimize risks, reduce chargebacks and it's associated costs. We protect you with proactive screening, intelligent rules, network wide learning, and personalization.
Real-time reporting
Use your dashboard to follow all your transactions. You also get a real time dashboard of your growth, and payouts. You can also filter and download all your data to allow you provide the best customer service and learn from your transactions.
Payouts & Invoicing
As a Paystack merchant, you can payout money directly from your paystack dashboard to any bank account in the country. You can also create and send invoices to your customers, and then send reminders for them to pay you later.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long before it hits my bank account

Your money is sent directly to your account in 24 hours. Transfers to your account are free.

How do you pass the transaction charge to the customer?

Simply calculate the transaction charge for the transaction, and add it to the total amount.

Is payments in other currencies available?

Not yet. Foreign currency payments are currently in beta and will soon be available to all.