Collect online bets and make payouts quickly and securely

A comprehensive payments suite with everything you need to scale your online betting business.

Collect Payments For Multiple Channels 1 1

Delight customers with a seamless payments experience

Give your customers the gift of modern, frictionless, painless payments. Integrate Paystack once and let your customers pay you however they want.

  • Mobile Money
  • Card
  • Apple Pay
Smart Error Resolution Compressor

Enjoy phenomenal transaction success rates

We automatically route payments through the most optimal channels, ensuring the highest transaction success rates in the market.

Verify Identity Of Customers

Verify the identity of your customers

Need to verify that your customer is who they say they are? Our verification APIs allow you to do this in various ways.

  • Verify identity with a bank account number
  • Verify identity with a phone number
  • Verify identity with a Bank Verification Number (a unique identifier that everyone with a Ghanaian bank account must have)

Protect yourself and your customers with advanced fraud detection

Paystack’s combination of automated and manual fraud systems protect you from fraudulent transactions and associated chargeback claims.

  • PCI-DSS-certified systems
  • Automated fraud monitoring
  • When a fraud attempt is discovered with any Paystack merchant, ALL Paystack merchants become protected from further attempts

Customer Testimonials

Over 200,000 businesses trust Paystack to power payments. Here's what some of them have to say.

We added Paystack as one of our payment options without announcing to our customers, and within a month it shot up to the number one most used option.

Akin Alabi
Akin Alabi
CEO, Nairabet

Reliable payment logistics are key to our industry and Paystack has played a major role in our expansion across Nigeria.

Daniel Grüderich
Daniel Grüderich
CEO, Sportsbookcloud

Simple and easy to use, yet very secure - it’s everything our customers want!

Ifeanyi Osode
Ifeanyi Osode
Chief Operating Officer, Fortunebets
Farmcrowdy Paystack
Farmcrowdy uses Paystack to send fast, instant transfers to investors

Send fast money transfers to customers

Paystack's powerful Transfers features make it easy to disburse money to any bank account. Whether via the API or manually via the Paystack dashboard, your customers will receive their money quickly and securely.

  • Single and Bulk Transfers
  • Smart alerts to prevent you from transferring to the wrong bank account, or sending duplicate transfers
  • Have one colleague start a transfer, and another colleague approve (coming soon)
Slash Costs Compressor

Slash revenue loss to chargebacks and refunds

The traditional chargeback process can be slow and expensive. Paystack is the only payment gateway that lets you manage chargebacks efficiently from your Dashboard.

  • Chargebacks automatically reflect on the Paystack Dashboard
  • Reject chargebacks and upload supporting evidence quickly
  • Issue partial or full refunds right from your Paystack Dashboard
  • Your Dashboard maintains an exportable record of transaction disputes and refunds

Get settled within 24 hours

Receive payments automatically in your corporate bank account within 24 hours.

  • We settle all merchants before 10 AM, every morning
  • Split payments into different bank accounts

Understand exactly how your business is performing

Paystack provides detailed reporting, alerts, and exports, so you and your team are always on top of business.

  • Super easy reconciliation
  • Detailed reports on successful, abandoned, and failed transactions
  • Granular user permissions lets you control the info each member of your team has access to
  • Automated chargeback alerts
  • Searchable Customer Directory
  • Analyze customer purchase patterns with Customer Insights
Customer Success At Work Compressed

World-class support from a dedicated Relationship Manager

Large volume merchants receive a dedicated Relationship Manager able to support in a vast range of ways. Your Relationship Manager will:

  • Monitor transactions to ensure minimal downtime
  • Share insight and seek input into the Paystack Product Roadmap
  • Ensure prompt resolution of issues well within SLA
  • Provide strategic guidance concerning industry trends

[Nairabet] added Paystack as one of [their] payment options without any fanfare, without announcing to [their] customers, and within a month it shot up to the number one most used payment option on the website.