The best transaction success rates in the industry

If a transaction fails on Paystack, it's highly unlikely it'll work anywhere else. That's a bold claim, and we stick by it. Here's how we do it.

How Paystack achieves stellar success rates

Direct Bank Integration Compressor

Direct Bank Integrations

Paystack is directly integrated into some of Africa's largest banks, ensuring a near-100% success rates for many card transactions.

Smart Routing Compressor

Intelligent Routing

Paystack dynamically routes transactions through different gateways and processors, ensuring optimal payment pathways, and high success rates.

Smart Error Resolution Compressor

Smart Error Resolution

On the rare occasion that a transaction fails, Paystack proactively suggests alternate payment channels to the customer, so they can try paying through a different method.

For example, if the customer’s card fails, the Paystack Checkout Form might suggest to the customer to try paying through QR code instead.