The fast, easy & secure way to get paid on social media

Instantly generate Visa QR codes on Facebook and start accepting payments online with Paystack

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Introducing the Instant QR Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Do you sell and talk to customers on social media?

With Instant QR, you can generate a Visa QR code on Facebook Messenger, create a Paystack account, and start accepting real payments.

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Set up your business and start accepting online payments in 5 mins

Do you have a Facebook account and a smartphone? Then you can start accepting online payments from your customers in less than 5 mins

  • Step 1

    Generate your Visa QR code

    Use the Instant QR chatbot on Facebook Messenger to generate a customised Visa QR code in 5 minutes

  • Step 2

    Get paid

    To get paid from customers, send your customized Visa QR code to them via Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram etc, or print and display the QR code in your shop.When your customers see this QR code, they simply scan the code with their banking app, enter an amount, and pay you!

  • Step 3

    Get notified

    Once the customer pays, you'll receive a notification from Paystack via Facebook Messenger.

Common questions

What do I need to start accepting payments with Instant QR?

1) A Facebook account and Messenger app. 2) A Nigerian bank account. 3) A Bank Verification Number (BVN)

Can I use Instant QR even if I don't have a registered business?

Yes you can! You don't need a registered business to be able to use Instant QR

What is the difference between Instant QR and Visa QR?

Instant QR is a Facebook Messenger chatbot which you'll use to generate your Visa QR code ∙ When customers want to pay you, they'll scan your Visa QR code with their banking app.

How will customers make payments to me using Visa QR?

Customer can scan your Visa QR code with their smartphone using their bank apps. They then enter an amount to be paid and complete the transaction ∙ You'll receive a Facebook Messenger notification every time you get paid