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What can you build with Paystack? Here’s how our APIs come together to bring ideas to life.

Collect savings on a set schedule and disburse the saved amounts whenever your customers request for it.

Partial Debits

Maximise loan repayments by collecting small amounts over time.

Check Authorization

Check if a customer has up to your desired amount in their bank account.

Subscriptions API

Set up recurring payments and debit your customers automatically at preferred intervals.

Bulk Transfer API

Automatically transfer money to customers' bank accounts with one API call.

Resolve BVN API

Verify the identity of your customers with their Bank Verification Number (BVN).

List Transactions API

Fetch all payments made to your third-party merchants.

Settlement API

Access detailed breakdown of settlements paid to your third party merchants.

Subaccount API

Automatically split payments with your third-party merchants.

Resolve Account Number API

Verify if the bank account details provided by customers are correct.

Transfer API

Automatically transfer money directly to your customers' bank accounts.

Charge Authorization

Debit a customer and get a unique token you can use for future charges.

Transactions API

Get paid by your customers in multiple currencies

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Thousands of startups trust Paystack to power payments for them. Here's what some of them have to say.

Paystack helped us cut down our delivery processing time by over 70%. The support is incredible, and working with with the team is simply a breeze!

Edith Akati
Edith Akati
Global Head of Ecommerce, mPharma

With Paystack, the integration is really easy, and things just work. Also, as your startup grows, Paystack's ambition will match yours.

Patrick Onokwai
Patrick Onokwai
Engineering Manager, Moove

Paystack has helped us expand our business to one of Africa’s fastest growing markets. Paystack should be top-of-mind for any business going global.

Merijn Campsteyn
Merijn Campsteyn
CEO, Accounteer

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