WhatsApp Marketing Guide for Nigerian Businesses

WhatsApp is a fun, free mobile messaging app used by millions of Nigerians. You may be familiar with WhatsApp as an everyday user, but are you taking full advantage of WhatsApp as a business-boosting tool?

What's Inside?

How to get paid via WhatsApp

Discover how to get paid quickly and securely through WhatsApp, and how to track WhatsApp sales on your mobile device.

Advanced marketing with Broadcasts, Stories, and Chats

Deep dives into the unique marketing strategies you can try using WhatsApp Broadcasts, WhatsApp Stories, and one-on-one chats

Building your WhatsApp Contact List correctly

Learn ethical and effective ways to get your current and prospective customers to opt in to receiving your WhatsApp messages.

Nine case studies and examples

See how it’s actually done with numerous case studies and examples which bring the tactics to life.

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