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Paystack helps businesses in Africa get paid securely by anyone, anywhere in the world

What happens behind the scenes when you pay online with Paystack, and how exactly do we keep you secure? Let’s find out!

We provide multiple ways for you to pay online: card, bank account, mobile money, or even 737. All our payment methods are compliant and secure while being very easy to use.

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Paystack accepts debit and credit cards from all over the world issued by Visa, Mastercard, and Verve.

All payments on Paystack happen securely

Paystack is PCI DSS Level 1 certified, the highest level possible in the global card payments industry. You can trust that your card is secure.

We’re licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria as a Payment System Service Provider and are listed on the Visa and Mastercard partner databases.

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We never save your card details. When you enter your card details on Paystack, we encrypt the information before sending to our servers.

We use a secure HTTPS connection to make sure even the scrambled information cannot be intercepted.

Over 80,000 businesses trust Paystack to power quick, secure payments

Hear what a few of them have to say

MTN, BusinessDay and Renmoney
Hey there! MTN MTN, how far? Working with Paystack, you get speed of delivery, execution excellence, passion, commitment, and innovative thinking! Chief Transformation Officer Olubayo Adekanmbi Thanks a lot! 🙌️ BusinessDay, what's good? We're building a dominant online presence with over 10,000 subscribers already, and Paystack’s recurring billing feature makes this possible and easy. Head of Audience Engagement Yvette Dimiri 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 RenMoney? Using Paystack, we’ve seen a significant increase in our loan collections and we can onboard customers online much faster than before. Chief Risk Officer Daniel Watts
MTN, how far? Thanks a lot! 🙌️ BusinessDay, what's good? 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 RenMoney? Tap to send
GIGM, PiggyVest and AXA Mansard
Hey there! GIGM GIGM, how far? Since we started accepting payments using Paystack, more customers now pay online because they trust that it’ll work! Team Lead, Information Technology Kenneth Nwanganga Thank you so much! ❤️ PiggyVest, what's good? Since we started doing transfers on Paystack, more customers now use PiggyVest because they can get their savings immediately they request for it! Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer Joshua Chibueze Fantastic! AXA Mansard? Since we started using Paystack, payment failures have reduced, and customers now have multiple payment options to choose from. Chief Digital Officer Bayo Adesanya
GIGM, how far? Thank you so much! ❤️ PiggyVest, what's good? Fantastic! AXA Mansard? Tap to send

Customers also love how simple and smooth it is to use Paystack. We process millions of transactions for hundreds of thousands of customers every month.

Customers also love how simple and smooth it is to use Paystack. We process millions of transactions for hundreds of thousands of customers every month.

Paystack enjoys some of the highest success rates in the industry, and on the very rare occasion that anything goes wrong, our Customer Success won't rest until we make it right.

In June 2019, ~76% of all refunds were processed literally instantly.

Paystack is constantly working to make online payments not only fast and simple, but also secure.

Can you guess how many secure payments Paystack processes monthly?

We process over 6 million online transactions securely for over 300,000 customers every month. From Filmhouse Cinemas, to MTN, to the Lagos Internal Revenue Service, organizations of all sizes use Paystack to do business online.

With industry-certified systems, smart fraud detection, automated dispute resolution and instant refunds, we make sure that paying online is fast, delightful and safe for you.

Compliance at Paystack

We’ve partnered with more than seven banks to provide you a secure, direct way to pay with your account number or internet banking.

Tap the Paystack circle to understand how we connect to your bank account

Hey bank, Ronke would like to make a payment. Paystack Oh, hi Paystack. Sure thing, here you go. Your Bank DEBIT: NGN 500 Thanks. How’s the family? Paystack We dey o! 🙏🏾 Your Bank