Paystack Online Payment Bootcamp

A FREE half-day bootcamp to help your members power growth for their businesses with online payments

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What is the Paystack Online Payment Bootcamp?

The Paystack Online Payment Bootcamp is a completely free, half-day training where members of professional groups learn how to boost their businesses with online payments.

The Bootcamp is run by Paystack, one of Nigeria's largest payments companies. Over 30,000 businesses and organisations trust Paystack to power their growth — from MTN, AXA Mansard, and Lagos Internal Revenue Service, to the Nigerian Bar Association, Rotary Club, and Ikoyi Club.


The Bootcamp should ideally start by 11 am on a Saturday, but the exact day and start time can be customised to suit your group.

  • (10 mins)

    Welcome and introductions

  • (10 mins)

    Introduction to payment channels

    You'll learn details of how customers can pay you using their ATM card, online banking, Visa QR code, and GTB 737.

  • (05 mins)

    How to get paid online even if you don't have a website

    Did you know that you don't need to have your own website to start accepting payments online? We'll show you how.

  • (10 mins)

    How to get paid online if you have a website (Introduction to plugins)

    If you do have a website, we'll show you how to install plugins and instantly start accepting online payments.

  • (05 mins)

    How to accept international payments

    Do you want to grow an international customer base? You'll learn how to get set up to accept payments from multiple currencies from all over the world.

  • (05 mins)

    How to automatically split your revenue between multiple bank accounts

    We'll show you how to automatically split a percentage or fixed amount of your revenue with business partners or suppliers.

  • (15 mins)

    Case studies: E-commerce & Transport

    We'll do a deep-dive into how a successful e-commerce business as well as a major transportation business use online payments to grow their business.

  • (05 mins)

    How to send digital invoices

    Do you struggle to get paid by customers who owe you? We'll show you how to send them simple digital invoices, and get paid faster.

  • (10 mins)

    How to handle refunds and transaction disputes

    We'll explain everything you need to know about refunds and how to quickly handle any transaction disputes.

  • (30 mins)

    Networking Mixer

    We'll take a break to hear more about the specific needs of your group members over refreshments

  • (10 mins)

    How to collect recurrent payments with automated subscriptions

    If you operate a subscription-style business where customers pay you recurrently, say every month, we'll show you how to set up your business to automatically charge them once every month (or at whatever schedule you desire)

  • (10 mins)

    Accounting, reporting, and reconciliation

    We'll show you how to access detailed business reports for all your accounting and reconciliation needs

  • (05 mins)

    How to give your employees specific permissions to your business data

    We'll show you how to give your employees access to your business' data, and control exactly what they can see and do

  • (05 mins)

    How to keep track of what your employees are doing

    You'll learn how to keep track of everything your employees do with your business' data, and when

  • (15 mins)

    Case studies: a Savings App and a Media Company

    We'll do our final deep-dive into how a financial services app and a modern media company use online payments to boost revenues

  • (10 mins)

    How to reduce, and manage chargebacks and refund claims

    We'll share tips and strategies that'll teach you how to reduce chargeback and refund claims to the barest minimum

  • (05 mins)

    How to decrease your exposure to risk and fraud

    We'll show you how to stay protected online and minimise your exposure to losses.

  • (10 mins)

    How to use your customers’ purchase patterns for marketing

    There're useful patterns and information hidden in the way your customers pay you online. We'll show you how to do marketing with these information

  • (05 mins)

    How to do transfers

    If you ever need to transfer money to your business partners or suppliers, this section of the Bootcamp will show you how

  • (60 mins)

    Go live!

    Several members of the Paystack Customer Success team will be present to help your members completely set up their businesses to accept real online payments immediately!

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Common questions

How much is the Bootcamp and who will cover the cost of the refreshments?

The Bootcamp is entirely FREE, and Paystack will pay for all the refreshments.

Why is Paystack doing this?

We talk to hundreds of business owners everyday, and we see that many people don't realise how easy and simple it is to get paid online — we'd like to change that.

Who is the Bootcamp for?

The Bootcamp is designed for business professionals who belong to membership organisations such as professional associations, social clubs, business clubs, religious organisations, and Chambers of Commerce.

Where will the Bootcamp take place?

We'll set up the Bootcamp wherever you meet and host events. We're also happy to host your group at our campus in Ikeja GRA, Lagos.

What should members bring along?

If you simply want to learn about how to get started with online payments — a notebook and a pen are just fine! For members that'd like to start accepting payments immediately, bring the following: 1) Valid means of identification (National ID, Driver's License, or International Passport) 2) Bank Verification Number