Engineering at Paystack

Solving Africa's biggest payments challenges, one commit at a time. We're building simple, powerful tools to connect African businesses with customers all over the world — and we'd love your help!

Build solutions at scale

In Q2 '18, over 25% of all online card payments in Nigeria were processed through Paystack. Every month, millions of customers from every country in the world use our platform to pay millions of dollars to thousands of businesses in Africa. And we're just getting started!


API calls per month (Oct 2018)


Checkout Users per month (Oct 2018)

$ 27,500,000+

Transactions processed in Oct 2018

Join a team of kind, skilled domain experts

Software developers at Paystack are deep domain experts simplifying payments in Africa. Here're a few of them!

“I love how much care and shared purpose colleagues bring to their work.”

Ibrahim Lawal
Engineering, Paystack
As an engineer at Paystack, Ibrahim Lawal weighs in on high level architectural decisions, ensuring that products are built and maintained correctly. His most recent favourite project involved implementing a Lambda function while automating a critical part of our Transfers product.

“We're building resilient, performant infrastructure on a global scale.”

, Paystack
Femi Aluko is an engineer on the Core Payments product team, which ensures that every payment attempt on Paystack succeeds. He’s currently working on a circuit breaker that smartly reroutes payments through the paths most likely to result in a successful transaction.

“Your rate of learning accelerates exponentially, thanks to your Paystack peers.”

, Paystack
As an engineer at Paystack, Nkechi Ogbuagu worked on automating refunds so they're processed in seconds instead of in days. In Nigeria, it’s not uncommon for refunds to take many weeks before reaching customers. Nkechi's work helped ensure that over 70% of refunds initiated by Paystack are processed instantly.

Our ethos

These are the core ideas that drive us as an engineering team and define everything we do.

Ethos Icons Empathy


Take your time to understand the experiences of your colleagues. Respect everyone, and watch them all do same for you!

Ethos Icons Ownership


Take responsibility for the projects you’re working on. Carry everyone along, and try your best to drive your team to success.

Ethos Icons Communication


Give updates, ask questions, and give feedback often - clearly, and simply.

Ethos Icons Humility


Be modest - learn and seek feedback from others, ask questions often, and share your learnings with everyone!

Ethos Icons Simplicity


Refine your ideas, and break them down to the simplest they can possibly be.

Ethos Icons Ship Fast Learn Faster

Ship fast. Learn faster

Think it, build it, push it, and then learn fast from the feedback to improve yourself and the product.

Behind the Scenes

We're learning a ton every day, and when we have a spare moment we like to share what we've learned recently. Read about our experience building things at Paystack!

Building a better checkout

How Paystack reimagined its checkout experience to better serve Africa-based users.

Opemipo Aikomo
Opemipo Aikomo
Design, Paystack

Error tracking in VueJS with Rollbar

A guide to Vue JS' global error handler

Building for scale

A deep dive into how Paystack builds and maintains performant infrastructure at scale.

Loknan Nanyak
Loknan Nanyak
Engineering, Paystack