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Whatsapp Marketing 101 Compressor Resized

WhatsApp Marketing Guide for Nigerian Businesses

WhatsApp is a fun, free mobile messaging app used by millions of Nigerians. You may be familiar with WhatsApp as an everyday user, but are you taking full advantage of WhatsApp as a business-boosting tool?

In this in-depth, 5000-word guide, we'll show you how to turn WhatsApp into a key part of your business' growth strategy.

How Online Card Payments Work In Nigeria Compressor Resized

How Online Card Payments Work in Nigeria

Have you ever wondered how online payments work?

When you pay with your payment card online in Nigeria, how exactly does the money go from your bank account, into the bank account of the business you pay?

In this simple guide, you’ll learn how money moves through Nigeria’s payment systems. If you’ve ever thought “I wonder how this stuff works!”, then this guide is for you, and we hope it’s as fun to read as it was to write!

A Merchants Guide To Chargebacks In Nigeria Resized
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A Merchant’s Guide to Chargebacks in Nigeria

Accepting payments online comes with lots of benefits, but it also opens up your business to potential chargebacks - requests for refunds that your customers make to their banks when they dispute a transaction.

In this guide, we’ll break down chargebacks into really simple terms, and explain how Paystack helps businesses to manage chargeback claims and reduce the loss that they make to the process.

If your business accepts payments online, or you’re simply curious about how chargebacks and refunds work, then you’ll find this simple guide useful.